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The Sprite Editors' Paradise19842

What is sprite editing? Well, you know the characters from your favorite video games: Ryu, Ken, even comic guys and gals like Wolverine and Psylocke, right? Sprite editors take the "sprites" (images) of those characters, do a little color change, add some hair, change a costume, and voila! a new character is born!

Here, you can find edits from people all over the internet, and a few I did myself. Most of these sprites are done for a program named MUGEN in which you can create and play a 2-D fighting game. In the NEAR future, I'll have bases you can use to get started, tools, and (HOPEFULLY) more edits for your viewing pleasure. Until then, peep the edits I have for ya now, and come back again!!!

5/17: First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite girl (who is more important than the update). I love you!!! There. Now, in case you didn't figure out who's next on the list, it's...Banshee!
8/2: After my 7 hrs. of sleep, I present to you...one of the first successive updates!! Check my edits for a real treat!! One of the hypest members of Generation X!...Got sum mo' fo' ya! Will the madness stop?!?
8/6: Hey-yo! Comedy's got sum new edits (yeah!!), and I've finished my Generation X binge! Check them out!!,br. 8/14: Get hype!! Banshee is near completion (for a beta anyway), and I've decided on a new character!! I'll let the secret out after the site overhaul (yeah, site overhaul). The Banshee beta won't be up here though, you'll have to go to the Project X Page to get him. Nothing happening yet edit-wise. Peace!

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