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Frieza by OrochiRYU Static Shock by OrochiRYU
Tell him what you think of it. Same thing here.

Weapon X by Razorgolem(click the pic to peep his site and see the animated GIF Magik
Click all of Razorgolem's edits to see his fantastic MUGEN page! It's got not only edits, but characters, tutorials, and MUCH more!

Ghost Rider by Razorgolem Batman by Razorgolem

Superman (arms crossed) by Razorgolem Carnage by Razorgolem Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) by Razorgolem

Rebecca Chambers (from Resident Evil) by Razorgolem Green Lantern by Razorgolem

The Joker by Razorgolem Nightcrawler by J-Dwag